Inside Europe: Will gender studies be banned in Hungary?

Posted by On 12:12 PM

Inside Europe: Will gender studies be banned in Hungary?

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Inside Europe: Will gender studies be banned in Hungary?

In Hungary, a heated political debate is underway over gender equality. The government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to stop financing â€" and possibly ban â€" gender studies at universities. Critics say it's a "dangerous precedent" for state intervention. But the government says employers aren't interested in graduates from the subject. Stefan Bos reports from Budapest.

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  • Date 24.08.2018
  • Duration 03:04 mins.
  • Author Stefan Bos
  • All audios Inside Europe - topics
  • Related Subjects Hungary, Viktor Orban, Budapest
  • Keywords Inside Europe, Stefan Bos, Hungary, Viktor Orban, gender studies
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Source: Google News Hungary | Netizen 24 Hungary

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