Hungary forint approaching a brick wall

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Hungary forint approaching a brick wall

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Latest news

16:22 | Dramatic figures leaked about Hungary's public work scheme

13:53 | Hungary's Orbán to hold key speech on Monday

13:06 | OTP CEO Csányi's Singapore-based fund buys OTP shares for over HUF 1 bn

12:29 | Orbán and Putin to discuss Russian gas, Paks 2

10:35 | Hungary forint approaching a brick wall

09:59 | Hungary's construction sector goes to ludicrous speed

09:22 | EPP could expel Fidesz, says Hungarian PM Orbán

16:42 | Erste announces successor of outgoing CEO Treichl

15:47 | Yields jump at Hungary's bond auctions

14:18 | NEPI Rockcastle buys controlling stake in Mammut shopping centre in Budapest

13:39 | Pending EU censure could hit Hungary's reputation, investments

12:25 | OTP chief Csányi's Singapore-based fund buys a lot of OTP shares

10:03 | Commission reveals how it plans to put an end to seasonal clock changes

09:27 | New details leaked about what bothers Orbán about health care system

08:35 | Hungary forint spooked yesterday - Which way to go from here?

17:24 | HUF could hit all-time low versus euro after Hungary censure motion passes

16:31 | EP decision is "revenge" against Hungary by pro-migration politicians - Szijjártó

15:19 | EU goes for "nuclear option" against Hungary

12:36 | Automotive companies in Hungary turn machines off

11:31 | Hungary Mol speeds up EUR 1.2 billion project with thyssenkrupp

Source: Google News Hungary | Netizen 24 Hungary

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