Hungary's university loss is Austria's gain

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Hungary's university loss is Austria's gain

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Demonstrators in Budapest rally in support of the Central European University
Demonstrators in Budapest rally in support of the Central European University. Photograph: Zsolt Szigetvary/EPA

Tucked away on page 30 of last Friday’s Guardian was the news that Viktor Orbán has forced out the Central European University founded by George Soros in Budapest 26 years ago. The University of Vienna, where humanities flourish, has proved ready to pick up the baton. Sor os’s vision embraced medieval studies among the CEU’s foundation disciplines, cherished by outstanding rectors, and the excellent quality of CEU’s research and teaching, and of its graduates, will be accommodated in a congenial setting. The gain will be Austria’s. Alas, the tragedy is Hungary’s.
Jinty Nelson
King’s College London

• Yes of course Apu in The Simpsons is a racial stereotype (Simpsons row: writer dismisses reports that show plans to drop Apu, 30 October), but then so is nearly every other character in the show. For example, Brits are portrayed as white, weak-chinned, buck-toothed, inbred fools, and Groundskeeper Willie is a mean red-headed Scotsman. Get over it.
Ralph Jones
Rochester, Kent

• The subheading to your article (How to wake up well, G2, 29 October) says: “Now the clocks have gone back and the days are getting shorter, it can be hard to get out of bed.” In fa ct, of course, putting the clocks back brings daylight an hour earlier on the clock.
Jeff Lewis
Whitefield, Greater Manchester

• In answer to Matthew Newman (Letters, 29 October), people with dishwashers listen to The Archers on Sunday mornings, when they’re doing the ironing.
Penelope Horner
Whitchurch, Hampshire

• Re the letter from Bill Hawkes on how to load cutlery (29 October), I was delighted to learn our son has a dishwasher â€" perhaps he could teach his father a few rudimentary skills.
Christine Hawkes

• Giles Oakley (Letters, 24 October) wants a new name for neoliberalism. I’ve always called it business fascism, or bizfash for short.
John Heawood

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